Automate your weekly updates.
Track your teamwork to get results.

Say goodbye to manually entering in spreadsheets

Gather updates fast
Automated email reminders go out to your team to fill out their updates.
View it anywhere
Stay up to date at any time by viewing your team's updates on any device.
Generate a report
Easily export a summary report spreadsheet to see everything at a glance.

What our customers say

“FMYI has definitely made the way we work smarter. By the time we get to a meeting, a discussion has already taken place so we are ready to make decisions. It makes meetings far slicker and quicker. During the research phase we also checked out Yammer and other collaboration options, but they just weren’t as flexible or productive. FMYI has more room for us to grow.”
Adrian Down, UK's National Health Service
“It keeps me up-to-date on what everyone is doing. It has created this incredible idea generation so we can collaborate without people needing to get together or have a meeting. I sometimes wonder what we would do without FMYI. I have developed a comfort level of outsourcing this fundamentally important aspect of our business.
Jim Allyn, CEO, LitLife

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Frequently asked questions

Can you incorporate our existing spreadsheet report format? 
We can take your existing report template and try to duplicate the format within our system. We also have off the shelf templates you can use if those work for your team as well.
Can you also do daily or monthly reports? 
Absolutely. We can also do every two weeks as well. There's lots of options available.
Who's behind this platform? 
FMYI, Inc. [for my innovation] was founded in 2004 and is a proven and tested collaboration platform. We host over 2.5 million workspaces as a B Corporation headquartered in Portland, Oregon, USA. Learn more on our homepage.
How secure is your platform?
We place a priority on our security processes and practices. You can learn more here.
Will this work for departments?
Gather all the weekly updates from your departments quickly and automatically, in the office and remotely. Generate a summary spreadsheet so you can scan them all at a glance. This ensures each department (including dispersed teams) is making progress toward your goals and enables you to get a sense of potential upcoming challenges and opportunities.
Will this work for projects?
If you're managing a lot of projects, whether they're products, working groups across numerous organizations, sales and contact follow ups, or more, you can use FMYI to get automated weekly updates about their progress while guiding your teams to complete them.
Will this work for locations?
With multiple office or retail locations, you can leverage FMYI to receive automatic weekly updates about activities across all of them, with a handy summary report you can generate with one click. You can also store a virtual knowledge base right inside the same site. This works well for consulting firms, franchises, or any organization with many locations.
What happened this week
Each person is reminded to fill out a quick online form.
A colorful team report
Export a summary spreadsheet across all team members
Be in the know
Recieve an email alert or view in the online site anytime, anywhere.
View a live demo site


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