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The B Impact Action Tool is an FMYI site that helps B Corps and those interested in becoming a B Corp, maintain and improve their B Impact score. The site is a designated space to keep information organized, even through potential turnover among those involved with the assessment. It provides space to store B Corporation Certification information and track messages, events, links, files, and tasks. The tool creates a structure that companies can use to prioritize improvements and create more effective change. 

The tool is especially useful for spreading out the responsibilities of the assessment amongst interested employees in the company. You can engage employees in the B Corporation Certification and improvement process by assigning ownership and tasks, and letting each employee track their progress. You can also organize your company into teams based on region, position type, or the type of impact they are most interested in. Lastly, the B Impact Action Tool can be used to share regular updates regarding your company’s improving score or even give shout outs and due credit to those who make efforts to improve the companies B Corp score. It's truly a way to create more effective change and enhance organizational development!

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